Massachusetts-based Danalevi Powerboats is a custom luxury powerboat builder.

The company designs and manufactures unique luxury powerboats with superior craftsmanship. Danalevi’s first model, Furina 24, is an elegant and classically inspired 24-foot powerboat. Awesome performance and distinctive style will engender pride in ownership from Danalevi Powerboats’ clients.

“People continually ask where my inspiration for Furina came from,” explains Ross Hartman, president Danalevi Powerboats. “I’ve always been a fan of retro boats and classic cars; the lines and accents made iconic by automobiles in the 50s and 60s. You can see some of that in Furina’s silhouette and finer details.”

Armed with a concept that was gaining positive industry feedback, Hartman founded Danalevi Powerboats in 2004. And nearly 10 years from his initial idea, in 2013, the first model was launched in-water at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Since then, the company has continued to improve upon the idea and has created a powerboat that is sophisticated and playful at the same time. With advanced manufacturing processes and quality craftsmanship, the boats the company produces are solid and trustworthy.

Danalevi also puts a keen focus on the client experience. Angelique Boulanger, Danalevi Powerboats vice president, explains, “From the initial inquiry and beyond, we want our clients to enjoy the whole process of becoming part of the Danalevi family. We work very closely with our clients picking out colors, upholstery, decking, engine package and amenities to ensure the Furina we build for them will exceed their expectations.

“We’re not selling powerboats, we are building a exceptional boating experience and lifelong relationships.”

To learn more about Danalevi Powerboats visit our history and craftsmanship pages. For inquires call us at 800-882-1795 or contact us via our contact form.



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