Great Lakes Boating Features Furina

November 01, 2015

Did you catch the latest issue of Great Lakes Boating? Furina made the cover!!

“A new boat described as ‘classy with an attitude’ is hitting the waters of the Great Lakes, and it’s called the Furina from Danalevi Powerboats, Belchertown, Massachusetts. Ross K. Hartman, the boat’s designer and president of Danalevi Corp., believes there’s nothing “cookie-cutter” about this boat. It is a shining example of the company’s goal of building boats that epitomize prestige and power. The Furina 24 offers owners the opportunity to select interior and exterior options to suit their personal style.  It backs that design with astute craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a great attention to detail.”

As a fan of automobiles of the 1950s and 1960s, Hartman wanted to bring some of the retro styling and details that attracted him to those muscle cars, such as fenders, chrome features, and stylish accents to his boats…” Read Great Lakes Boating Issue December 2105

Correction to article: Furina 24, 24-foot powerboat

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Great Lakes Boating Cover :: December 2015


Danalevi Powerboats’ Feature in Great Lakes Boating :: December 2015


Danalevi Powerboats’ Feature in Great Lakes Boating :: December 2015