About Danalevi Powerboats

Established in 2009, Danalevi Corporation designs and builds powerboats with unique styling and high-quality craftsmanship. Integrating retro-inspired design with leading technology, Danalevi creates distinctive, high-performance powerboats. The company’s now iconic model is the prestigious Furina 24 Classic, a 24-foot stern-driven powerboat. Danalevi Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Belchertown, Massachusetts. For more information please call the company at 800-882-1795, email ross@danalevi.comor visit www.danalevi.com.


Management Team

Ross Hartman, President      413-626-8120   ross@danalevi.com

Ross Hartman is the founder of Danalevi Powerboats and the designer of Furina, the company’s 24-foot retro-inspired powerboat. In his leadership position, Ross provides vision, planning and strategy to meet long-term goals and ensure the company’s overall success. He is also in charge of all product development and quality control. Ross is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience running a successful business in the building industry. He is passionate about boating and when he’s on the water he creates unforgettable experiences.


Angelique Boulanger, Vice President  413-222-4578   angelique@danalevi.com

Angelique Boulanger joined Danalevi Powerboats in 2013. As the vice president, Angelique is responsible for the strategic development and execution of all marketing programs, branding initiatives, and customer and community relations for Danalevi. She brings more than 20 years experience in marketing, communications and customer relationship management. Prior to joining Danalevi, Angelique was account executive and communications specialist for Exsel Advertising serving clients in a variety of industries. When on the water she’s responsible for navigation, snacks, and SPF 100.


Recent Press Releases

Danalevi Launches Luxurious 2019 Retro Runabout
BELCHERTOWN, MASS. — February 14, 2019 — Danalevi Powerboats announces the launch of the 2019 Furina 24 Classic, its 24-foot retro-inspired powerboat. The 2019 luxury powerboat maintains the sleek lines and sumptuous curves Danalevi is known for with a new layout, added comforts and engine choices…


Digital Artwork

Danalevi Powerboats Logos

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2019 Furina High Resolution Images
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Danalevi Powerboats 2019 Furina 24

Danalevi Powerboats 2019 Furina 24

Furina 24 interior with leather-like upholstery and classic detailing.

Furina 24 interior with leather-like upholstery and classic detailing.


Danalevi 2019 Furina 24 dash and helm are stylish and functional.


2019 Furina 24 sporting new hardtop canopy.


Danalevi 2019 Furina 24 showing off new ragtop canopy with retractable sunscreen.